IBNA- The program “Night of Dariush Shayegan’s Poetry” is scheduled to be held in ‎Tehran today to commemorate the late Iranian philosopher and writer, Dariush ‎Shayegan on the occasion of his death anniversary.‎
‎“Night of Dariush Shayegan’s Poetry” to be held‎
According to IBNA correspondent, in this event, the book of Shayegan’s poems in French titled ‘From Coast to Coast, from Sea to Sea ‘translated into Persian by Golnar Golnarian which also features an introduction by Henry Corbin will be introduced.

The event will be held in the Ferdowsi Hall of Iran’s House of Humanities Thinkers at 5 p.m. with several Iranian scholars such as Jaleh Amouzgar, Aydeen Aghdashloo, Hamed Fouladvand, Golchehreh Sajjadiye and Golnar Golnarian in attendance. They will recite his poems both in French and Persian and will make speeches about Shayegan.

The program will also feature a music performance by Mehrnava ensemble led by Nazli Bakhshayesh and screening of a documentary film about Shayegan titled, ‘A Pilgrim from the East’ made by Hassan Khademi.

Shayeganis considered a noted thinker whose ideas in his works on comparative philosophy are reputed particularly in France. He studied in Sorbonne University in Paris with Henry Corbin and carried out several extensive researches on Persian mysticism and mystic poetry.

His book, ‘Cultural Schizophrenia: Islamic Societies Confronting the West’, was translated from the French into English by John Howe and published by Saqi Books, London 1992 and Syracuse University Press, 1997.

The philosopher wrote a novel, 'Land of Mirage' in French which won an award presented by the Association of French Authors in 2004.
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