IBNA- The Persian translation of the book, ‘Memoirs of Carl Brockelmann’ edited by ‎Rudolph Sellheim will be reviewed at the Literati House affiliated to Iran’s Book House ‎Institute on Sunday. ‎
‎‘Memoirs of Carl Brockelmann’ to be reviewed
According to IBNA correspondent, the book which has been translated by Mehran Arzandeh into Persian and published by the Library of Iran’s Parliament (Majlis) will be discussed at a meeting attended by Iranian experts Mahmoud Ja’fari, Tahmoureth Sajedi Saba and Sa’eed Firouzabadi.
Carl Brockelmann (1868 –1956) was a German Semiticist and the foremost orientalist of his generation. He was a professor at the universities in Breslau, Berlin and, from 1903, Königsberg.
He is best known for his multi-volume ‘Geschichte der arabischen Litteratur’ (History of Arabic Literature) which included all writers in Arabic to 1937, and remains the fundamental reference volume for all Arabic literature.
Brockelmann’s work in Iranian studies is interwoven through his entire output. In Geschichte der arabischen Litteratur (5 vols., 2nd ed., 1937-49) he listed, described, and characterized thousands of Persian scholars and their works in Arabic—as well as occasionally also in Persian and Turkish.    
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