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Book on ‘Samak-e Ayyar’ published in France

6 Dec 2018 - 20:07

IBNA- The book, ‘Chivalry in Iran’ by the scholar Shahla Nosrat-Wolff on the Mithraist ‎nature of Iranian folklore story ‘Samak-e Ayyar’ has been published in France.‎

According to IBNA correspondent, Shahla Nosrat-Wolff (PhD) who is an Iranian researcher and educational director of Persian language at the Center of Iranian Studies and Research in the University of Strasbourg in Alsace has authored the book in 2015 with a preface by Hossein Beikbaghban, the former professor of Persian language and literature of that university.
In a note sent to IBNA, Beikbaghban writes about this book which is the second Ph.D. dissertation of its writer: “Although many researches have been carried out about the origins of Ayyari (chivalry in Iran), the text considers the ideas and ideals of Iranian chivalry within a mythical-religious framework in which the Mitra as a goddess which is the center of all the adventures in the mythical story of ‘Samak-e Ayyar’.”
Through the interpretation of the major medieval text, ‘Samak-e Ayyar’ the author traces the moral roots of chivalry in Mithraist doctrine, where one of the female figures, before the religious reforms accomplished by Zoroastrianism, was the Mother Goddess of the Scythian tribes.
In studying the place and the predominant role of women in the Mithraist model in the religious system, the book aims to reveal the socio-religious reasons for which the woman is considered, since the religion of Zoroaster, as a being inferior in all religions and in all societies of the patriarchal type.

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