IBNA- The prominent novel ‘Chess with the Doomsday Machine’ by Habib Ahmadzadeh ‎portraying Iranian Sacred Defense has been translated and released at the 63rd Belgrade ‎International Book Fair.‎
Serbian translation of key Iranian Sacred Defense novel released‎
According to IBNA correspondent, the 63rd International Belgrade Book Fair on October 21 and will run by 28. Iran’s Cultural First Institute (ICFI) in cooperation with Iranian Cultural Attaché in Serbia is presenting over 300 book titles on a variety of subjects at the event.

‘Chess with the Doomsday Machine’ reads: “… Hundreds of thousands of people fled the badly damaged city [the port of Abadan southwest of Iran but a small number of civilians chose to stay, living in a city under siege.”

 The story focuses on the experiences of Moosa, a young Abadani volunteer soldier defending his hometown. He has been chosen to assist in destroying the enemy’s "Doomsday Machine", a sophisticated radar system.

‘Doomsday Machine’ is one of the most prominent novels about the Sacred Defense (Iran-Iraq war) in recent years. In 2008, the book was translated from Persian into English by Paul Sprachman, a professor at Rutgers University, and published by Mazda Publishers.

The work has already been translated into English, French, and Arabic.
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