IBNA- Iran's Book House Institute has compiled the English book ‘Descriptive ‎Bibliography of the Selected Works in Iranian Book ‎ Festivals in 2017’ which will be ‎introduced at the 70s Frankfort International Book Fair.‎
Selected books of Iranian fests at FBF
According to IBNA correspondent, ‘Descriptive Bibliography of the Selected Works in Iranian Book ‎ Festivals in 2017’ features the best Iranian books ‎published last year.‎ The work has been translated by Shaqayeq Qandehari into English and published by Iran's Book House Institute. ‎

The book provides information and a ground for foreign publishers and those interested in Persian literature to ‎know about the best Iranian books published last year.‎ By referring to the websites of these festivals or sending email to them, foreign publishers can get information ‎about purchasing the copyrights of the works. ‎

Based on statistics given by the descriptive bibliography, 29 book festivals were held in Iran in 2017. In ‎general, during the last 3 years, the Iranian book festivals have been improved both in terms of quantity and ‎quality. ‎

It should be noted that Iran's Book House Institute already published the same descriptive bibliography for the Persian books published in 2016. The work was introduced that the 69th Frankfort Book Fair.‎
The 70s Frankfort International Book Fair has been slated for October 10 to 14.
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