IBNA- An Iranian shoemaker believes that offering books to customers in his stall while he ‎is repairing their shoes plays a role in book promotion. ‎
Iranian shoemaker invites customers to read books
According to IBNA correspondent from the city of Yazd in central Iran, book reading is one of the criteria taken into consideration in evaluating the development of countries. Through a number of projects, Iran has also adopted measures for promoting book reading.
In the meantime, people of the country encourage book reading by their own ingenuity. One of these people is a shoemaker in one of the main and crowded streets of Yazd who keeps books in his small stall and while he is repairing their shoes, suggests the customers to read them instead of wasting their time.
Ali Mahmoudvand, the tasteful shoemaker believes that through reading and getting more useful information, people will be able to resolve from many problems: “I believe that nowadays we should focus more on books and reading which is one of the essential needs of a society,” he said.
“I display several books in my stall and introduce them to people while they are waiting. They may open them, take a look at them and if they are interested, they can provide the books in libraries and bookstores,” he added.
“By this initiative, I mean to respect the time of people as they are increasingly more involved in internet and social networks I tried to remind the importance of book reading,” the tasteful shoemaker stated.
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