IBNA- Persian translation of the children book ‘Something From Nothing’ by noted ‎American/Canadian writer Phoebe Gilman has been reprinted for the fifth time and is sold ‎in Iranian bookstores.‎
Sixth edition of ‘Something From Nothing’ in Persian released ‎
According to IBNA correspondent, the book which was translated into Persian by Nasrin Vakili and Parsa Mahinpour has been reprinted by Mobtakeran (Michka Books) in Tehran won Ruth Schwartz Award for best children’s book in 1993. ‘Something From Nothing’ was later made into a television special. It’s one of the recommended books in the list of Iranian Council of Books for Children and Young Adults.
A modern adaptation of this favorite Jewish folktale, ‘Something From Nothing’ describes how the blanket grandfather had made for young Joseph is transformed over the years into a jacket, a button, and, ultimately, a story:
When Joseph was a baby, his grandfather made him a shimmering blue blanket adorned with the moon and stars. As the boy grows and the blanket wears out, the old tailor recycles it, in succession fashioning a jacket, a vest, a tie and, finally, a cloth-covered button. But when Joseph loses the button, even his grandfather cannot make something from nothing.
The books of Phoebe Gilman are notable for their strong lead female characters. She reported that she grew to love the books she spent time working on, and missed them once they were finished and had been sent off to be published.
Nasrin Vakili is a veteran Iranian translator of books for children and young adults with the translation of over 150 books in her career.
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