IBNA- Iranian political philosopher, translator and literary researcher Majid Madadi died ‎at his home in Tehran yesterday. He was 83.‎
Majid Madadi ‎
Majid Madadi ‎
According to IBNA correspondent, Madadi was born in Tehran in 1935. He studied in the University of Manchester and then pursued his education in University of Essex where he graduated with a PhD degree in political philosophy.

He then began to teach in different Iranian universities and that was finally retired from the Research Center of Humanities and Cultural Studies. The major part of his translation is seen as the key sources of studies on left camp ideas. He was the first translator of the works by Martin Heidegger into Persian.

Madadi also translated works by other Western philosophy scholars such as Louis Althuser, Paul Strathern, Eugene Kamenka, Fritz Pappenheim and Michael Lifshitz. He had recently began the translation of ‘Wisdom of Children’ (1885) by Leo Tolstoy as well.
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