IBNA- The third expert meeting from the series of “Iranian World” is scheduled to be held ‎on July 22 in Wartan House in Tehran with Iranian translator of Giddens’ works Mohsen ‎Salasi in attendance. ‎
‎“Iranian World” meeting with translator of Giddens’ works
According to IBNA correspondent, Salasi will deliver a speech and will reply to questions by the attendants at the upcoming event. He is a retired professor of anthropology from the University of Tehran who has translated key works of sociology and anthropology into Persian such as ‘Beyond Left and Right: The Future of Radical Politics’ by the prominent British sociologist Anthony Giddens who is known for his theory of structuration.

Salasi’s translation of ‘Beyond Left and Right: The Future of Radical Politics’ brought him an Iranian Book of the Year Award for translation. He has also translated The Consequences of Modernity as well as works by the German philosophers Hana Arendt and Ernst Cassirer into Persian.
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