IBNA- ‘Eye of the Eagle’ is the first book on Reconnaissance Squadron 11 of Iranian Air ‎Force which played a key role in countering Iraqi attacks during the Sacred Defense. ‎
Book on Iranian reconnaissance squadron during Sacred Defense released
According to IBNA correspondent, ‘Eye of the Eagle’ by Mohsen Shir Mohammad is from the series of books on the Iranian sacred defense (Iraq-Iran War) focusing on the efforts and sacrifices made by the pilots of Arial Reconnaissance Squadron 11 from its formation in 1958 until the end of the eight-year war.

Arial reconnaissance can fulfill a variety of requirements in a war, including the collection of imagery intelligence, observation of enemy maneuvers and artillery spotting.

Before the Iranian Islamic Revolution, even while peace prevailed, Iranian Air Force which employed the most modern American aircrafts was holding reconnaissance missions to provide information about the military and strategic forces of the neighboring countries to defect the possible attacks.

Although several pilots of the Arial Reconnaissance Squadron 11 fall under the suspicion of government of the Islamic Republic in post-revolution era, but the Squadron fulfilled numerous important missions to obtain military information about the invader Iraqi army forces, their equipment and strategies.

It should be noted that the not only obstructed the advances made by the Iraqi ground forces, but almost destroyed the Iraqi Air Force in Arial battles during the first two years of the war, By employing the then ultra-modern American fighter Grumman F-14 Tomcat and powerful fighter-bomber McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II.

However, in the next years, ran out of accessory parts for American made airplanes and could not provide the new ones, why Iraqi Air Force which used fighters made by the former Soviet Union, France and Germany was being reconstructed through the financial support of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The book, ‘Eye of the Eagle’ which features historical accounts, documents and interviews has been published by Iranian Air Force Press in 400 pages.

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