IBNA– At a news conference, Culture Minister Sayyed Abbas Salehi described the ministry’s one-month activities in organizing the 31st Tehran International Book Fair announcing that Secretariat of Dialogue on Culture and Art is also established.
Secretariat of Dialogue on Culture and Art established
According to IBNA correspondent, the news conference of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance was held at the hall of this ministry.
Commemorating the Sacred Defense Week and the days of Muharram Mourning, Salehi said: “Media is the fourth pillar of democracy. Officials have to say what they have done to be subjected to arbitration. The media is the alert eye of the authorities and the more the officials are subject to judgment, the more benefits they’ll reap. So I’m not upset by the harsh criticism of the media.”
He described the performance of Culture Ministry through a month ago, and said: “I first paid attention to the program presented to the parliament in the past month which was finalized after receiving corrective comments and more detailed documentation. Three goals, nine issues, as well as 40 programs for the Ministry in the administration are predicted with the motto "Dialogue, Rights and Cultural Identity".
In response to an IBNA correspondent's question about Iran's participation at Frankfurt International Book Fair, he continued: “Relatively positive reports about Iran’s participation in this event have been presented by the authorities. Significant responses about the presence of Iranian publishers in Beijing Book Fair have been obtained, but we are still far from reaching the desired goal, and I hope to be more professional in the Frankfurt International Book Fair.”
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