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‎‘Iranian Christian Martyrs’ book released

16 Aug 2017 - 17:56

IBNA– The book ‘Iranian Christian Martyrs’ which describes the life story of ‎twenty Iranian Armenian Christian martyrs is released by Nazari Publications in ‎Tehran.‎

According to IBNA correspondent, this book is written and compiled by Amir Ghasemi Fakher and is published by Nazari Publications in 48 pages with a print run of 500 copies.
In the course of eight years of Iran-Iraq war known in our country as the Sacred Defence, Armenians of Iran defended the homeland together with their Muslim brothers. As the Priest Hakoup Keshishian points out, the number of Armenian martyrs during the 8 years of the Sacred Defense reached to 89 people. Armenians are among the religious minorities who have devoted the most martyrs to the Islamic Revolution of Iran.
Following the short narratives of the life of these twenty Christian martyrs, we come across names such as Vigen Carapetian, Zurik Moradi, Albert Allah-Dadian, Edik Nersesian, Alfred Gabri, Armen Odisian, Garnik Boghosian, Zurik Moradian, Razmik Khachaturian, Rafik Rashidzadeh, Soren Khanlarian, Weroj Baghumian and other missing Armenian martyrs.
‘Iranian Christian Martyrs’ is compiled of brief narratives of the biography of these twenty esteemed martyrs, each in two or three pages in which the descriptions about every martyr is unfolded along with explanations about how they went to the front, the way they did it and the time of their going to mission and the places where they were martyred.
In some cases, the martyr’s memo is also added which is told by one of the members of his family. The outstanding moral and social characteristics of that martyr are also referred to in the biographies. Among the martyrs cited in this compilation, Zurik Moradian is named as the first Armenian martyr.

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