IBNA– CEO of Iran’s Book House Institute Majid Gholami Jaliseh said that the absence of registering and recording the history of book publication is the greatest void in the field of books.
Persian publications history neglected in books
According to IBNA correspondent, there have been professionals in our country who have pushed the development of book and reading forward all by themselves. These individuals are not much known, however, and so recording the history of publication is a neglected necessity in the field of books, he said.
In the 24th session held for honoring the veterans and activists of book publishing, Gholami Jaliseh said: “We are fortunate that our country has a history of 400 years in the field of publications, and when we look at this history we notice that interested and motivated individuals have carried out this responsibility alone in each period.”
Pointing to the greatest void in the field of book publication, he added: “Taking an accurate look at the history of printing and publication in the country, we notice a great void due to the fact that we were not able to transfer the valuable knowledge of these great men to the next generation.”
CEO of the Book House Institute referred to the 24th session held for honoring the veterans and activists of book publication and said: “Many activists and professionals in this field have been honored in recent years, but unfortunately, their knowledge has not been used after their death.”
The book ‘Oral History of Books’ by Nassrollah Haddadi, on a series of meetings with the veteran Iranian publishers was also unveiled in this event.
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