IBNA- The Cultural Association of Iranian International Publishers is providing free consultation and services for local publishers through a one-year plan.
A copyright symbol
A copyright symbol
According to IBNA correspondent as many noted Iranian publishers are willing to purchase and sell book copyrights, the Cultural Association of Iranian International Publishers is assisting them to resolve the the related problems up in the time  between the 14 edition to 15 edition of International Book fair of Academic Books held in Tehran.
The services provided through this plan include: Submitting the orders made by the Iranian publishers to the international publishers, undertaking necessary correspondences between both parties to follow the orders, considering the best options for the local publishers, as well as facilitating the issues related to money transfer.
It is predicted that this measure would encourage the Iranian publishers to become more active in purchasing international copyrights and pave the way for more interaction among them and other publishers throughout the world.
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