IBNA – During a meeting with publishers, Culture Minister Salehi Amiri said that our State’s salvation depends on avoiding control of the affairs, and he is agree that the Government should withdraw from publications field.
Culture Minister: The government should withdraw from publications field
According to IBNA correspondent, a meeting with the literary figures and the publication unions, was held with the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Seyyed Reza Salehi Amiri (PhD) in attendance on Monday evening at Enghelab Hotel in Tehran.
In this event, Salehi Amiri said: “In previous periods, I’ve partially become aware of the problems of publications and tonight, I’ve taken notes of your issues and will definitely put them on the agenda to deal with problems like unauthorized publishing, things related to taxes, insurance, subsidies and their management.”
“The key point is that if we intend to develop the affairs in the country, we must start with culture, books and publication. Otherwise, we won’t fulfil our wishes unless we start with culture, and the culture won’t improve unless publishing books and reading is taken seriously by people as a sacred issue,” Salehi Amiri added.
Elsewhere in his remarks, the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance said: “If you see poverty today, you must not hesitate to know it as a cultural problem. Aids, divorce and insecurity in the social milieu also have their roots in culture. Therefore, it is clear that development starts from culture, and so publications and bookstores must be regarded as sacred jobs.”
Salehi promised to be the voice of this group within the government, but he added that he could not fulfil all requests as this is beyond his power.
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