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Jaliseh: Journals on books greatly missed nowadays

8 Mar 2016 - 23:34

IBNA- In a ceremony held to honor the 20 years activity of ‘Jahan-e Ketab’ magazine, CEO of Iran’s Book House Majid Gholami Jalisseh said that unfortunately journals engaged in introducing good books to the readers are few.

According to IBNA correspondent, ceremony held to honor the 20 years activity of Jahan-e Ketab magazine was held yesterday, March 5, 2016, with Majid Gholami Jalisseh, Seyyed Farid Qassemi, Enayat Sami`ee, Majid Rahbani, Noush Afarin Ansari (PhD), Tali`eh Khademian (PhD) and a group of book enthusiasts in attendance at the House of Literati (Sara-ye Ahl-e Qalam) affiliated to the Book House Institute.
In this event, Jalisseh stated that we not only need ‘Jahan-e Ketab’ but the other magazines centered on books as well. He added that at the moment, ‘Jahan-e Ketab’ is more in demand than the other magazines.
“We live in an age that very high volumes of books are produced, as for example about 72000 book titles were published last year and the 74000 book titles published so far this year. We anticipate, of course, that this figure will increase by the end of this year,” he added.
Elsewhere in his remarks, CEO of Iran’s Book House said: “Unfortunately the number of individuals and groups that work through the large volumes of productions and select good works to introduce to the readers is low, and the same is also true about book review. We need to have a magazine to introduce the good works of writers and publishers to the readers and let them find and read what they are looking for.”

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