IBNA- CEO of Iran’s Book House Institute Majid Gholami Jaliseh said that Based on official statistics from 334,903 first editions books published in 2004-2014 in Iran simply 3,435 (%1) were carriers of knowledge and top books.
Jaliseh: Serious alarm for Iranian books sounded
In a note sent to IBNA, Jaliseh writes: “Iran’s Book of the Year Award is the largest scientific and critical book event after the Islamic Revolution which during thirty three years of observation and analysis of the contents of books, its positive impact have been revealed.
Acknowledging good and valuable books on different subjects and introducing and praising prominent writers in different areas to the scientific community is the most significant positive aspect of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Book of the Year Award.
“Book of the Year is a decisive indicator of standards of good books for writers and authors through which they gain access to the right measures to begin and continue their versions.
By examining the books for display at the second stage of assessment over the last decade, the number of top books, at best, comprise %2.7 of the first printings of each year. In overview, statistics show that from a collection of 334,903 book titles printed for the first time in 11 years (2004 – 2014), 3,435 titles, that is %1 of the books published for the first time, can be introduced as the carriers of knowledge which are acknowledged as top books. Comparing this with all the books published in a year that is the sum of books printed for the first and second time, the ratio of top books is so small that it is close to zero or none.”
This realistic analysis is a serious alarm for books and makes us resolve the quality problem of books, compared with those dealing with quantity as soon as possible since the increase in production and circulation of books will not solve our social problems while their content is on decline.”
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