IBNA- The Father of the Iranian bindery craft, Hossein Ali Matin-Reza, reached the final page of his life and left his fans and students behind on Thursday, Aug 6.
Father of the Iranian bindery passes away
According to IBNA correspondent, Matin-Reza, who was recently hospitalized due to heart failure and kidney problem died at the age of 86.
As part of his autobiography, Matin Reza says: “I was born on April 21, 1929. After getting the certificate of my sixth grade at elementary school, I entered Khan Marvi School where I started to study theology, and we had to start with the book ‘Jame` al-Moqadamât’.
Printing then was very limited in Iran and most of the books of the seminary were lithographs and were very scarce to find. After much searching, I found a copy of the book, very chaotic, messy and dirty. I had to repair it; the edge of the book which was at least published some 70 to 80 years before was disgusting. I was wondering what to do with the edge of the book.
One day, as I was passing by tin-makers market (in Bein al-Haramein Bazar), I noticed a machine which was cutting papers. I asked the shop owner to cut the edge of my book too. He agreed and did it for me. Suddenly, I felt like a blind who starts to see the world, and since then, I got interested in the work.”
Funeral procession of the late Hossein Ali Matin-Reza, the pioneer of modern book binding in Iran, will start  from Iran’s Artists’ Forum (located on Iranshahr St, before the intersection of Taleghani in Tehran) at 9:00 a.m. to the Artists’ Area of Behesht-e Zahra Cemetery, on Sunday, August 9, 2015.
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