IBNA- 249 book titles published in the field of literature from July 10 to 14 indicates a boom in publishing literary books in less than a week.
Literary books publication booms in Iran
According to IBNA correspondent, 249 book titles were published this week of which 66 were reprinted and 183 published for the first time. 202 were compiled and only 47 books were dedicated to translation of literary texts. Publishers in provinces shared 99 book volumes and those from Tehran published 150 book titles. 30 book titles dedicated to children and adolescents and one in the area of textbook aid were also released.
The eighth edition of Roland Barthes’ ‘Pleasure of the Text’, translated by Payam Yazdanjou is published by Markaz Publications. ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ by Mark Twain is on the market, published by Sokhangostar Publications.  The third edition of John Steinbeck’s ‘The Pearl’, translated by Soroush Habibi is published by Farhang-e-Moaser publications. ‘Dear Life’ by Alice Munro is published by Mahi Publications and ‘American appetite’ by George Carol Oates is in second round of publication by Qoqnous.
‘The Buried Giant’ by Kazuo Ishiguro is published by Milkan Publications. ‘The Little Prince’ with a new translation is on the market, and ‘The Clowns’ Band’ by Louis Ferdinand Celine, translated by Mehdi Sahabi is also published for the eighth round.
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