IBNA- An Iranian translator who has rendered four books by the late Gholam-Hossein ‎Sa'edi (1936-1985) into Turkish said that people of Turkey of have welcomed the works ‎of the leading Iranian writer.‎
Speaking to IBNA, Farhad Aivazi said: “As well as profound artistic and literary viewpoints, the works of Sa'edi provide valuable information about social, economic and cultural issues of Iran.”
“He had visited different parts of Iran I knew his society very well. As a psychologist he looked upon the problems from various angles. The people of Iran and Turkey have lived with each other as neighbors for hundreds of years but they don't have a profound understanding of each other's cultures,” Aivazi said.
“I suppose the translation of Sa'edi's works can prepare the ground for better understanding of the writing in society by the people of Turkey,” he pointed out.
“Two of the books by Sa'edi, ‘The Ball’ (Tup, 1969) and ‘The Mourners of Bayal’ (Azadaran-e Bayal, 1964) have been reprinted in Turkey by Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts Publishing which has also released the works of Orhan Pamuk,” he added.

Sa’edi was a prolific Iranian writer. He published over forty books, representing his talents in the fiction genres of drama (under the pen name Gohar Morad according to Library of Congress transliteration), the novel, the screenplay, and the short story in addition to the non-fiction genres of cultural criticism, travel literature and ethnography.

He has remained one of the most prominent  of Iranian writers and intellectuals internationally.
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