IBNA- ‎650 domestic and foreign companies have been registered to participate at the 26th ‎Tehran’s ‎International Printing, Packaging and the Related Machinery ‎Exhibition scheduled for ‎December 13-16 in Tehran International Permanent ‎Fairground. ‎ ‎ ‎
‎650 companies to participate at 26th Tehran’s ‎International Printing Exhibit ‎
Speaking to IBNA, Head of Iran’s Union of Lithographers Ahmad Abul-Hassani said this year Iranian print house owners have so welcomed the exhibition and the number of participating activists has increased by 20%.

However, he said that the limited space of the exhibition is a drawback and they have been able to accommodate just 60% of companies in 10 halls in an area of 25,000 square meters. The exhibition is trying to acquire two other halls to enlist the other participants.

In the 26th Tehran’s ‎International Printing, Packaging and the Related Machinery, Exhibition the Packaging Main Activity Group includes: Print origination equipment • Plates and plate-making equipment • Printing machinery, sheet- and web-fed • Printing materials – paper, board, foils, films • Inks, coatings and varnishes • On-press ancillary equipment and controls • Print finishing/binding equipment • Press room handling equipment.

The Packaging Main Activity Group includes:  Packaging printers and converters • Form, fill and seal machines • Packaging materials/consumables • Labelling and label application equipment • Packaging machines • Pack performance and quality testing • Packaging design and consultancy • Logistics systems.
As one of the biggest events in the "Middle East and the most important event of its kind in Iran, Iran Pack Print exhibition works to establish and maintain relations between Iran and international pack and print industry.

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