IBNA- Persian translation of the book ‘An Unspeakable Betrayal, Selected Writings of ‎Luis Buñuel’, Part 2 has been published and is available in Iranian bookstores. ‎
‎‘Selected Writings of Luis Buñuel’ reaches Iranian bookstores‎
The book by the leading Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel on his works and other director’s films was translated into English by Garrett White with a foreword by Jean-Claude Carriere and afterwords by Juan Luis Buñuel and Rafael Buñuel.
Speaking to IBNA on the reviews Buñuel has written about some of the films of his colleagues, the Persian translator of the book, Shiva Moghanlou says: “He has two types of approaches to these films. On one hand, his writings suggest that he approves some of the films made by his contemporaneous filmmakers and shows sympathy to them and considers them as good films.”

“On the other hand, he has a critical view on some other films which have already made a sensation and are still celebrated, but he believes they shouldn't be taken that much serious and significant in general, he refers to films to make a case for his own worldview,” she added.

The first part of the book was translated by her into Persian and published a few years ago, and now the second part of the book titled ‘The Discreet Charm of Buñuel’ is released featuring some of his screenplays as well.

‘An Unspeakable Betrayal’ is introduced as: “Although Luis Buñuel, one of the great filmmakers of the century, was notoriously reluctant to discuss his own work in public, he wrote-and wrote well-on many subjects over the years.

This collection proceeds chronologically, from poetry and short stories written in Buñuel's youth in Spain to an essay written in 1980, not long before his death. Newly translated into English, the writings offer startling insights into the filmmaker's life and thought.
The earliest pieces came well before Buñuel joined the Surrealist movement in Paris and created the landmark film ‘Un chien andalou’ with Salvador Dalí.

Yet these and the early Surrealist writings reveal the inventiveness of the mind that would later create such masterpieces of cinema as ‘L'Age d'or’, ‘Los olvidados’, ‘Viridiana’, ‘The Milky Way’, ‘The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie’, and ‘That Obscure Object of Desire’.
Later writings, which include screenplays and reflections on his own and others' films, illuminate many aspects of Buñuel's career, as well as the ways of thinking and perceiving that underlie his unique cinematic style.

The final essay by this artist sums up his view of the world--still vibrant and full of contradictions--at the end of his life.

‘An Unspeakable Betrayal, Selected Writings of Luis Buñuel’ in Persian has been released by Cheshmeh Publishing in 97 pages and 1000 copies.
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