IBNA- An Iranian translator of Turkish literature said that the latest stories translated ‎from Persian and released in Turkey are two renowned works ‘Suvashun’, by Simin ‎Daneshvar and ‘Setar’ by Jalal Al-e-Ahmad. ‎
‎‘Suvashun’, ‘Setar’ latest Iranian stories translated into Turkish
Speaking to IBNA, Mojdeh Olfat who has translated ‘The Red-Haired Woman’, a novel by Orhan Pamuk among other works, hoped that more Persian novels and short stories are translated into Turkish and people of Turkey know that we had and have accomplished writers.
She also urged more literary interaction between the two countries.

“The works of Iranian literature are translated into Turkish, but, exactly like us, they focus on one or two writers. In Turkey, we also see that a work of an Iranian writer has been translated by different Turkish translators. On the other hand, there are very few works of Iranian contemporary literature which have been translated into Turkish,” she said.

“The Turkish translators also ask us about the best works of Iranian literature and we answer them based on our own personal taste and criterion,” Olfat added.

‘Suvashun’, also known as ‘A Persian Requiem’ is the first novel by a female Iranian writer, which is still regarded as a groundbreaking work in Persian literature. The novel was first published in 1969 and has been reprinted over 20 times in Iran.
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