IBNA- Visiting the 25th Tehran’s ‎International Printing and Packaging Exhibition, Chairman of ‎the Union of Iraqi Kurdistan Publishers said that the major part of Iraqi Kurdistan books is printed in Iran and Turkey. ‎
Suran Abdul-Rahman Rashid
Suran Abdul-Rahman Rashid
Speaking to IBNA correspondent at the 25th Iran’s International Printing Packaging and the Related Machinery Exhibition, Suran Abdul-Rahman Rashid referred to the capabilities of the Iranian publishing industry and said: "We must be equipped with modern and up-to-date machinery of offset printing. Due to the inability of the Kurdish printing houses, we rely on foreign countries to publish ‎many of our books, but we hope to achieve self-‎sufficiency in this field.”

Having traveled to Iran as a member of Iraqi Kurdistan trade delegation, Rashid said that the delegation aims to improve communication between the print houses of Iran and Kurdistan region of Iraq and providing the necessary printed machinery and accessory parts.

‎The 25th Iran’s International Printing Packaging and the Related Machinery Exhibition was held from December 13 to 16 in Tehran International Permanent Fairground.

Despite a new wave of economic sanctions which have been imposed on Iran, 400 domestic companies as well as 45 foreign companies from Italy, Sweden, Germany, France, China, Turkey, and South Korea attended the event to introduce their most recent products and services.  
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