IBNA- After a series of negotiations, the Iranian Pol Literary and Translation Agency has ‎prepared the ground to publish the original versions of scientific foreign books ‎concurrently in Iran. ‎
Scientific foreign books to be published concurrently in Iran
In an interview with IBNA, Majid Ja’fari Aghdam, Director of the Pol Literary and Translation Agency spoke about his cooperation with a number of European and American publishing houses.

“In a bid to initiate cooperation between Iranian publication market and some counterparts in foreign countries, on the other hand, we began to negotiate the issue with a number of prestigious scientific and academic publishers throughout the world, we could make them interested to publish their original books concurrently in Iran,” he said.

Referring to these the publishing companies, Ja’fari Aghdam said: “They Include, Springer (British branch), Sterling (the US & UK branch), Random House (Germany, Canada, Spain and the UK branches) and The Crown Publishing Group affiliated to Random House.”

“All rights reserved for the foreign publishers whose books are going to be released in Iran. Also, the Pol Literary and Translation Agency will be the sole entity which will have the right of publishing and releasing those works in Iran,” he added.

“The books will not be sold based on US dollar rate in Iranian free market, but they will be offered at a reasonable price to the Iranian readers,” he said.  
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