IBNA- Representative of the American Pathfinder Press, Connie Allen said in Mashhad ‎Book Fair that unlike the two governments, people of Iran and the U.S. have no dispute‏ ‏as ‎it’s evident in this fair.‎
Connie Allen ‎at the 20th Mashhad International Book Fair ‎
Connie Allen ‎at the 20th Mashhad International Book Fair ‎
Speaking to IBNA correspondent, Allen who has already paid other visits to Iran, has also participated in the 20th Mashhad International Book Fair currently underway in the major Iranian city of Mashhad as the representative of Pathfinder Press from Atlanta, the United States. Allen said that she’s a fan of our agency and follows the news in English Service of IBNA.
“Our books are generally centered on the speeches made by the great leftist leaders of the world such as Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. We try to convey the ideas and thoughts of such revolutionary figures to do people all across the world,” she said.
Expressing her pleasure over visiting Iran, Allen stated: “Fortunately, I didn’t face any problem in my travel to Iran; every step was taken simply and comfortably; so, at the moment I’m in one of the beautiful cities of your country.”
In response to a question about the possible interest of Pathfinder Press to Iranian books, the American lady said: “I’m the representative of this press and I can’t personally determine whether a book is good or bad. But, I know that if someone is interested to collaborate with our publishing institute, he or she can easily refer to our website and make his or her proposal.
Elsewhere in her remarks, the representative of Pathfinder Press said: “I’m not so much acquainted with the Iranian writers and poets, but to recall and Iranian literary figure, I can name Hafez of Shiraz whose poems have been translated into all languages of the world and numerous people all around the world have expressed their interest to his work.
About reasons and motives for participation at the 20th Mashhad International Book Fair, Allen said: “Our motivation of attending this fair and other international fairs is to introduce our books to interested people throughout the world. So, we visit all important international book fairs and try to be present in international events.”
“It makes no difference for us where a book fair is held; we try to attend. At the moment our representatives are also in Philippine, Taiwan, Indonesia, China and other countries to introduce our books to the international readership,” she added.
“In Iran, the books of Pathfinder are translated, printed and released by Gol Azin and Talayeh Parsou publishing houses, and I’m so glad that the news about our books is reflected in IBNA.”
With the motto “See Awareness”, the 20th Mashhad International Book Fair will run by November 30 with 700 local and 20 foreign publishers in attendance.
The programs organized for the fair are being performed in cooperation of Iran’s Publishers Union, Province Governor of Khorasan Razavi and Municipality of Mashhad.
700 local publishers with 800 stands and 20 foreign publishers from Germany, France, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria with 35 stands are participating at the fair which is held in an area of 20,000 square meters, where 150,000 titles of books by local publishers and 29,000 titles by foreign publishers have been put on public display.
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