IBNA- The 2nd Iran’s Printing and Packaging Industry Exhibition (IPAP) scheduled for ‎October 11-14 in Tehran’s Sun City Complex, will feature eight special workshops.‎
‎8 special workshops due at 2nd IPAP ‎
In an interview with IBNA, Reza Rahmani, deputy director of Barsaz Rouydad Pars which is the executive company of the 2nd Iran’s Printing and Packaging Industry Exhibition (IPAP) said: “Regarding the interest shown by those who attended the earlier training courses last year, we will also have various training courses and programs during the four days when the exhibition will be running.”

“On the first day of the exhibition, two meetings titled ‘The New UV Technologies and Their Function in Print Industry’ and ‘The Future of Packaging in the Digital Age’ will be held,” he added.

Earlier he has told IBNA that in spite of unfair sanctions which have been imposed on Iran this year, companies from Germany, India,, Turkey, Russia, and Pakistan will participate in the event.

The 2nd IPAP targets all suppliers along the entire value chain for printing technologies - from prepress/print, premedia/multichannel, postpress, converting and packaging, materials, flexible packaging, paper and cardboard production, equipment, services, and infrastructure.

This event will be held as a follow-up to the successful experience of the 1st edition of IPAP.
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