IBNA- Two first books from the series ‘Mariella Mystery’, written for children by the ‎British author and illustrator Kate Pankhurst have been translated into Persian and ‎released.‎
‎‘Mariella Mystery’ reaches to Persian reading children
Translator of these books Raihaneh Ja’fari told IBNA that ‘Mariella Mystery Investigates the Ghostly Guinea Pig’ and ‘Mariella Mystery Investigates a Cupcake Conundrum’ are the first and second volumes from the series of ‘Mariella Mystery’ which contains eight volumes.

“The adventures of Mariella and his friends which is written and illustrated by Kate Pankhurst is engaging for curious and exploring children aged 8 to 11,” she added.
In the first book we read: “When the teacher of Mariella, Miss Crumble spots the ghost of her pet guinea pig, Mr Darcy, in her back garden, she doesn't know what to think. But Mariella knows it's up to her and her fellow Mystery Girls to get to the bottom of The Case of the Ghostly Guinea Pig.”

‎‘Mariella Mystery Investigates a Cupcake Conundrum’‎ reads: “Mariella Mystery (age nine and a bit) knows that all good detectives write down important information about their investigations. In this top-secret journal, she tackles the case of who is trying to sabotage the Puddleford baking contest with important clues and observations, helpful drawings, and handy tips for new detectives”.

The books have been released by Ofogh Publishing in Tehran with a print run of 2000 copies. 
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