IBNA- Executive secretary of the Grant Plan Department in Iran’s Culture Ministry ‎announced that the unit of financial supports given by the department will shift from US ‎dollar to euro as an incentive for foreign publishers.‎
Ayoub Dehqankar
Ayoub Dehqankar
Speaking to IBNA correspondent, Ayoub Dehqankar stated that the major part of debts from the year 2017 to the publishers who worked with us within the framework of the Grant Plan have been settled and we will try to pay the rest before the opening of Frankfurt book fair 2018.
He said that Iran’s Cultural Fairs Institute (ICFI) has been tasked with presenting the details of amounts paid through the Grant Plan.
Dehqankar explained that some changes have been made to the plan, for instance the transition from US dollar to euro for payments due to the financial sanctions imposed by the United States government on Iran.
 “The credit for publishing Persian children books into foreign languages has also increased from $1,000 to €3,000 which is equal to publishing books for adults. The payments will be finalized after the process of translation and publication of the books comes to a result,” the secretary of Grant Plan said.
Dehqankar believes the transition from dollar to euro will motivate foreign publishers. He pointed out as well: “Although the children book use less words compared to the adults books, illustrations for children books and their print processes increases the expenses, so foreign publishers persuaded us to increase the credit of this field.
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