IBNA- Alan Rusbridger’s ‘The Zoo’ series featuring three satirical stories for children has ‎been translated into Persian by Farmehr Monjezi and released by Michka Publishing in ‎Tehran. ‎
‎‘The Zoo’ series available for Persian language children ‎
Speaking to IBNA, Monjezi said: “The Zoo’ series features three books titled ‘The Coldest Day in the Zoo’, ‘The Wildest Day at the Zoo’ and ‘The Smelliest Day at the Zoo’ written by the Chief Editor of the Guardian and writer Alan Rusbridger for the children aged between 8 to 10.”

“All these satirical stories contain exciting, funny and boisterous adventurers. In ‘The Coldest Day in the Zoo’ we read: “On the coldest Friday of the coldest week of the year, the central heating breaks down at Melton Mowbray Zoo. The system needs a new flange, but flanges can't be obtained on Fridays in Melton Mowbray, so Mr. Pickles the head keeper asks all the other keepers to take the animal they are in charge of home for the weekend. The results range from disastrous to successful.”

In ‘The Wildest Day at the Zoo’, one reads: “The loveable animals and their keepers at Melton Mowbray Zoo are back! Everyone has recovered from the disastrous weekend when the heating broke and Mr. Pickles, the zoo director, asked all the keepers to take their animal home for the weekend.
In fact, so much so, that a feeling of nonchalance pervades - the animals have been teamed with the same keepers for years and quite frankly it's become rather boring. So, in a bid to liven things up, the keepers decide to swap animals for the day and, as you can imagine this makes for some lively antics!”

‘In the Smelliest Day at the Zoo’, the zoo’s drains have blocked up and there’s nowhere for the animals' poo to go! Mr. Pickles the zoo keeper (who is looking distinctly green) must decide what to do with it all before the naughty chimps beat him to it!

‘The Zoo’ series in three volumes have been printed by Michka Publishing in 1000 copies.
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