IBNA– Dutch Iranologist and history expert Willem Floor (PhD), described his book ‘Wall Paintings And Other Figurative Mural Art in Qajar Iran’ as a book which discusses Iranian art, culture and history.
Willem Floor
Willem Floor
In an interview with IBNA, Willem Floor said that the book, ‘Wall Paintings And Other Figurative Mural Art in Qajar Iran’ is translated into Persian by Ali Reza Baharloo and printed by Paikareh Publications in Tehran.
He further added that the book is well translated into Persian. It is a work that speaks about Qajar art of mural and its impact on culture and society in the era.
The book consists of six chapters that describe the events and works of the period. It uses the reliable historical reports and indicates the mastery of the researcher in using resources and ancient texts.
‘Wall Paintings And Other Figurative Mural Art in Qajar Iran’ is an important and reliable compilation in which the author skilfully uses different resources and databases to compile a comprehensive work on the history and art that is seldom published with a similar theme and structure.
What is more impressive in this book is its emphasis on measurable and statistical effects rather than aesthetic and quantitative dimensions.
Willem Floor studied development economics and non-western sociology, as well as Persian, Arabic and Islamology from 1963-67 at the University of Utrecht (the Netherlands). He received his doctoral degree from the University of Leiden in 1971. Since 1983, he was employed by the World Bank as an energy specialist.
He is fluent in Persian and Arabic and has published over 260 articles and books in various fields of socio-economic history of Iran.
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