IBNA- Following the death of the acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami, the photographer and author Kourosh Ranjbar said that through his vision, Kiarostami brought beauty out of the heart of ugliness.
Kourosh Ranjbar
Kourosh Ranjbar
In an interview with IBNA, Ranjbar who has the book ‘When Proust Drinks Tea with Kiarostami’ in his career said: “Kiarostami took a new look at things, which was the result of fifty years of experience and artistic activity.”
He asked the major Iranian publishers to publish a collection of this artist’s photographs in a book and make it accessible to the public.
The death of Kiarostami, came as a shock to everybody. When IBNA called Kourosh Ranjbar, author of ‘When Proust Drinks Tea with Kiarostami’, he was still stunned.
Ranjbar and Kiarostami shared the love for the art of photography. He participated in the 3-day workshop held in Lahijan, instructed by the late Kiarostami, and the same atmosphere inspired him to introduce the creator of ‘Taste of Cherry’ to the young generation.
This was the theme of our talks with Ranjbar to examine different aspects of the artistic activities of this outstanding filmmaker.
Ranjbar pointed out: “I think it was still too early for him to go. Kiarostami had a versatile extensive character. He was a master in opera, sculpture, photography, cinema, poetry and writing.”
“The book you mentioned was in fact a work to introduce Abbas Kiaristami to those who did not follow the cinema at that time, or had little information about the seventh art. The best memorial and tribute paid to Kiarostami is to live and love life, be a real human being and teach others how to live,” he added.
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