IBNA- While considering the copyright an urgent issue by the government, the head of the Office of Iranian Writers Legal Counsel said that Iran’s joining the copyright improves its international status.
Joining Copyright Convention improves Iran’s international prestige
In an interview with IBNA, Seyyed Ali Al-e Davoud talked about the need for Iran to join the copyright and stated: “Joining the Berne Convention and other conventions in the world, and Iran’s membership is something that depends on the decision of the Iranian government.”
“While government officials have not taken a decision in this regard, natural and legal individuals, including writers, translators and publishers will not be able to decide on their own or include a provision on the subject in mutual agreements since nothing has yet been required in this regard and publishers and translators do not see themselves committed to get a permission,” he said.
 “Of course in recent years, a few reputable publishers have decided to ask for the permission of the author or publisher of the work for its publishing or translating, for the sake of observing moral codes and international regulations. For example, the Institute for Contemporary Culture has got the permission of the owners of the institutions for reprinting or using some dictionaries like the French Larousse and Oxford,” Al-e Davoud added.
The head of the Office of Iranian Writers Legal Counsel explained: “Iran’s membership in regulations related to copyright is an issue which has been discussed for decades and experts have talked about their views on the issue in the media. Some were in favour of joining the copyright but a great number were against it.”
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