IBNA- Conductor of Iran’s National Orchestra, Farhad Fakhreddini who worked with the late musician Kamal Pour-Torab at the Conservatory of National Music said that Pour-Torab spent a lifetime to study music and compile books.
Farhad Fakhreddini
Farhad Fakhreddini
In an interview with IBNA, the prominent musician Farhad Fakhreddini spoke on the artistic and scholarly character of his friend and colleague, the late musician and author of books on music Mustafa Kamal Pour-Torab, and said: “He spent all his life teaching music to students and artists. He taught in the classrooms all his life until the last minutes and never stopped his research in the field of music.”
Fakhradini pointed to the time of his acquaintance with Kamal Pour-Torab and His love for music and added: “Pour-Torab loved music with all his being and looked at it as his only hobby and entertainment to the end of his life. I met him in 1960. After a short time, we became colleagues at the National Conservatory of Music where we taught scientific issues in music. The interesting point is that Kamal Pourtorab and I were the only instructors who taught scientific principles at the Conservatory.”
The Conductor of Iran’s National Orchestra continued: “There are many books in the field of music compiled and translated by the late Pourtorab which are used by the students and interested people. Kamal Pourtorab and I co-authored the book 'Music Theory' and he was the one who got it published.”
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