IBNA- Celebrated American writer of children’s book Lee Wardlaw, expressed her regret about the unauthorized publishing of her books in Iran adding that she enjoys listening to Persian language.
Lee Wardlaw
Lee Wardlaw
According to IBNA correspondent, the American author Lee Wardlaw is known in Iran with her book ‘101 Ways to Bug Your Parents’. This best-seller international book was later translated to Persian and published in Iran by Kimia Publication (the Children’s section of Hermes Publications), in early 2001 and was well-received by the readers. Furthermore, a T.V. series for the young adults age group was made based on this work. The book illustrates the happy, creative world of children, using humour, and tries to make them aware of their many capabilities.
An school teacher turned writer, Wardlaw started writing when she was seven and tried to get her first book published at nineteen but was rejected multiple times until she was thirty.
Having written a number of works with the theme of residential ways, she explained her motivations for writing this book. She said that the idea for writing the book came to her when something interesting happened to a teacher in the city of Santa Barbara.
“One of the homework assignments for the students was to write about a report in a few lines. The teacher asked the students to write about ten cases that made their parents angry, one day. All the students brought their reports to the class the next day and wrote the things they had done on the board which came to a total of a hundred and one ways,” the author said.
“The list seemed interesting and funny to the teacher and this made him send the list to the town newspaper which was published under the title ‘101 Ways to Bug Your Parents’,” Wardlaw added.
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