IBNA- Prominent artist and writer Aydin Aghdashloo said that he thinks the most important event of the Iranian year 1394 was the release of the book series ‘The comprehensive History of Iran’ in 20 volumes.
‘Comprehensive History of Iran’ tops book events in 2015
In an interview with IBNA, Aghdashloo said that the most important event happening in the field of books last year was the release of the 20 volume book series titled ‘The Comprehensive History of Iran’ printed by Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia Publications. The release of this Encyclopedia seemed necessary for the Iranian cultural society.
He also spoke on the book publishing industry in the Iranian year 1394 and said: “Compared with the chaotic conditions of the book industry in the past few years, the year 1394 had a better condition with regard to the publication of art books.”
“Good books were published with the theme of the old arts of Iran as well as the new arts, and I believe the number of books released was greater compared with the past years. One of the best books published which was regarded a special event in art books was ‘Contemporary Iranian Arts: Origins, new ideas’ by Dr. Hamid Keshmirshekan. The book was published by Nazar Research and Publishing Institute in spring 94,” Aghdashlou added.
Aidin Aghdashlou (born in 1940) has worked for many years in various fields of culture, art and press, and published a number of books including ‘Portraits: A collection of Paintings’, ‘Joys and Sorrows: Selected Articles’, ‘Aqa Lotfali Souratgar Shirazi’, ‘From the Earth and the Sky: A look at the Persian Calligraphy from the beginning until today’.
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