IBNA- The play ‘Pablo Picasso, the Man Who Painted Hell’ by Arnie Greenberg , translated by the eminent Iranian translator Goli Emami into Persian, was released.
Goli Emami
Goli Emami
In an interview with IBNA, Goli Emami said that her new work was printed by Neshaneh (Sign) Publications in Tehran.
“ In‘Pablo Picasso, the Man Who Painted Hell’ the Canadian author Arnie Greenberg represents his own world, and writes about fear and anxiety,” she stated.
Speaking on her reprinted previous works, Emami added: “The third edition of ‘Essays in Love’ by Alain de Botton, Persian translation printed by Niloufar (Lotus) has also been released. Moreover, ‘Nobody's Business’ by Jhumpa Lahiri was published for the sixth time in Persian by Cheshmeh Publications and ‘Angela Ashes, A Memoir’ by Frank McCourt, fifth Persian edition was recently published by Farzan-e Rouz Publication Institute.
Born in 1942, Golrokh Adib Mohammadi commonly known as Goli Emami is an Iranian writer, translator and cultural activist.
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