IBNA- Afghan poet and the deputy of Afghanistan’s House of Literature in Iran Mohammad Sorour Rajayi says that book market in his country is dominated by the Iranian works.
Afghanistan book market is dominated by the Iranian works
In an interview with IBNA he also stressed the necessity for facilitating book transfer between the two countries: “Although most people in Afghanistan cannot afford to buy expensive books, but Afghanistan’s book market is mostly consisted of the Iranian books.”
“Afghanistan was involved in wars since 1978 in which the cultural, economic, political and even national infrastructures of the country was seriously damaged to the extent that the consequences of wars for the Afghan society is still ongoing. When Taliban took power in the country in the mid-80s, Afghanistan lost its prosperous book market,” Rajayi said.
“However, when Hamid Karzai became the president of the country in 2002, we started to witness an improvement in the cultural conditions, and as the war subsided a passion for literacy grew among the people and the culture of reading spread and many universities were set up in Afghanistan,” he added.
The deputy of Afghanistan’s House of Literature in Iran referred to the interest of the Afghan people in books and said: “Of course, the war in the past few decades drove people away from books, but today, people of Afghanistan show enthusiasm for healing the wounds of illiteracy they had been afflicted with for years. In recent years, reading books has become very common among the people, particularly among the young who study in private universities, and I see a bright future for the country in this respect.”
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