IBNA- The Iranian author Shiva Moqanlu recommends the book ‘Nation of Love’ by Elif Shafak, translated by Arsalan Fasihi for reading and says that the writer of the book presents Molana’s spiritual teachings in an attractive way.
Author recommends the book ‘Nation of Love’ for reading
In an interview with IBNA, Shiva Moqanlu, writer and translator spoke about her recommended book: “Nation of Love by Elif Shafak, the Turkish writer, is a parallel narrative between today’s world and that of Molana’s time and recounts the relationship between Shams and Molana in today’s language. This book is published by ‘Qoqnus’ Publication and is translated by Arsalan Fasihi.”
Referring to the interesting points of the book, she said: “In this book, Elif Shafak has presented the spiritual teachings of Molana in a way that even the least interested audience feels attracted to Molana’s works or at least browses through his poetry. In this regard, the book is more practical compared with the other works published about the same subject.”
Moqanlu further added that, of course, one might think it by no means new to us Iranians who are acquainted with Molana’s works since childhood, but considering that this is a written by a Turkish writer for a global audience, it has its own special charm for us too.
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