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Protecting local production of paper a need

19 Jul 2015 - 23:53

IBNA- Chairman of the Board of Directors of Iran’s Exporters Union of Printing and Packaging Industry said: “Mere lifting of sanctions does not guarantee a decline in the final cost of paper as there are other obstacles on the way.”

In an interview with IBNA, Babak Abedini talked about the relationship between the lifting of sanctions and the cost of raw materials used for books, particularly paper, and said: “Determining a relationship between the removal of sanctions and the final cost of paper in our country depends on the general economic and customs policies and merely removing the sanctions is no guarantee for the reduction of the cost of paper and other raw materials in the country, because there are variables and other barriers on the way which must be seriously taken into consideration.”
He continued that more concrete actions must be considered, like a reduction in duties of raw materials such as paper.
Abedini also added that such obstacles can be customs duties, tariffs input, transportation costs, costs of customs clearance, and the lack of banking facilities, that if not resolved, the removal of sanctions will be of little effect unless a great decline occurs in the price of foreign currencies which considering the existing economic conditions, it is not expected to happen.

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