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Mojabi: Digital book will be the tomorrow world’s master

15 Jun 2015 - 19:03

IBNA- Prominent Iranian poet and satirist Javad Mojabi believes that digital books will be the masters of the future world and the process of publishing them will become more facile in the course of time.

In an interview with IBNA about the impact of digital books in our daily life, Mojabi asserted that the development of this phenomenon is an inevitable necessity regardless of our interest or disinterest to it.
The creator of poetry book 'The Long Poem of Contemplation' believes that nowadays referring to digital books is like using Internet and mobile smart phones which have become prevalent throughout the world and will put a part of paper books aside.
“I wish we had joined the international copyright convention and could publish our books digitally. Basically, I don't see much difference between paper books and digital books, even it is possible that several obstacles on the way of printing paper books are eliminated through publishing them in digital format,” he said.
Javad Mojabi, poet, author, painter and journalist was born in October 15, 1939 in Qazvin.
His books consists of ‘Me, Ayoub and the Sunset’, ‘From Heart to Paper,’ ‘The bright Story,’ ‘Tablet and Ayoub.’
Also, his short stories consist of ‘The night of Grasshopper,’ ‘Mummies,’ ‘Crossing the Red Light,’ ‘The silent Towers,’ ‘The Lost Garden.’

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