IIBNA- The supervisor of books publications in the fields of history and heritage of Oman’s Ministry of Culture Khalid Habsi said that people’s enthusiasm for the 28th Tehran international Book Fair (TIBF) is very much.
Iranian people love books very much: Omani expert
In an interview with IBNA, Khalid Habsi said: “We have participated in this fair through three ministries or organizations; the Ministry of Information, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the Organization of Endowments and Charitable Affairs.”
He continued: “Not much translation is done on the books about the history of Oman and the visitors have little information about the Oman’s Monarchy. Therefore, we plan to translate the historical books on Oman into Persian.”
Pointing to the offers made via Persian-speaking translators for translating the history books of Oman, he added: “In my visit to Tehran International Book Fair, I found out that the Iranian people are very much interested in books.”
The supervisor of publishing books in the fields of history and heritage of the Omani Ministry of Culture said that he is interested in manuscripts and books on arts and politics as well as the history of Iran before and after Islam.
He also said: that cultural, political and ideological issues in the Islamic Republic are interesting to him. He added that the general outlook of the Omani people about the history and culture of Iran is positive, and that the history of Oman dates back about a thousand years and is ancient like the Iranian history.
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