IBNA- Director of Ravayat-e Fat’h Publications, Hassan Alaayi said that this publication has access to unpublished manuscripts of Shahid Seyyed Morteza Avini and they are to be published in due time.
Alaayi, Martyr Avini
Alaayi, Martyr Avini
In an interview with IBNA, Hossein Alaayi, director of Ravayat-e Fat’h Publications explained the institutes’ activities with regard to Martyr Avini’s works: “About 15 texts by Martyr Avini were published until 2009 which is the date before the start of activities of ‘Vaheh’ publications in the publishing institute of ‘Ravayat-e Fat’h’. Upon the establishment of this publications by Maryam Amini (Avini’s wife), Martyr Avini’s books were almost entirely published by this institute.”
Pointing out that the existence of Ravayat-e Fat’h Institute is based on the ideas of Martyr Avini, Alaayi said: “By the same token, separating the activities of the Ravayat-e Fat’h Publications from Martyr Avini’s thoughts is not possible. It is most unfortunate that by stopping the publication of Martyr Avini’s works in this institute, this thing happened to some extent, and our colleagues did not much tend to his way of thinking.”
Responding to the question of whether this institute is in possession of more unpublished works from Avini, he said: “By this assumption, separating the activities of the institute from the thoughts of Martyr Avini is not possible. Unfortunately, this is what happened to some extent after the removal of Martyr Avini’s works in the institute and it caused a lack of attention to this issue.”
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