IBNA- Deputy of Qur’an studies at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance Hojat ul-Eslam Mohammad Reza Heshmati gave news about the translation of the holy Qur’an into four languages with new editing.
Translation of Holy Qur’an into four languages underway
In an interview with IBNA, Heshmati explained about the new agreements on translation of Qur’an into four languages signed between Tarjoman-e Vahy Institute: “We intend to translate the holy book into an other foreign language as well.
According to the Deputy of Qur’an studies at the Ministry of Culture these translations into Russian, Ugandan and Rwandan are being edited: "Although the Holy Qur’an had already been translated into Russian but many mistakes were made in that version, as a result we decided to offer a new translation of the holy book into Russian.”
Stressing that publishing a correct and faithful translation of Qur’an is absolutely important, he added: “Considering the condition of publications, it would be a good idea to use the CDs and DVDs for promoting the basic Islamic and Qur'anic ideas.”
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