IBNA- Without specifying a certain date, Zartosht Akhavan Salles believes the month of March to be Akhavan Salles’s birth date and tells IBNA: 'Next Year, You My Friend, My Neighbor’ is the final part of Akhavan’s poems.'
Last collection of Akhavan Salles’s unpublished poems due
According to IBNA correspondent, 5th of March is usually known to be Mahdi Akhvan Salles’ birth date, but his son Zartosht told IBNA: “We know our father’s birth date to be in March. Our father had told us that he was born on Imam Mahdi’s birth date in 1927.”
Director of ‘Zemestan’ Publications talked about the latest books published from the anthology of Akhavan: “Nine books have recently been republished from Mahdi Akhavan Salles which are to be released on the market soon. The books ‘Winter’, ‘Avesta’, ‘Arqanoun’, ‘Three books’, ‘I Love You My Old Homeland’, and ‘Love and Blue’ are reprinted in pocket size format.”
He further added: "One of the most recent works of Akhavan Salles which is not much talked about is called 'Next Year, You My Friend, My Neighbor'. It is the final part of Akhavan's poems, with his printable works gathered in the final section. In other words, this book includes Akhavan’s unpublished works and is his most recent collection which is published from him so far.”
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