IBNA- Iranian children books author Ebrahim Hassan Beigi said that the taste of readers have changed a lot over the past few years and the trend has shifted towards producing book serials.
Children learn better through collective works: author
Speaking to IBNA, he said: “Transferring different material through one character in a collective series is much greater and children better identify with that character.”
Referring to the prevalence of serial production in the field of children and adolescents, Ebrahim Hassan Beigi said: “In the past decades, most books were published in a single volume with fewer numbers of serials printed, but now publishers are more inclined towards serial production and most authors, poets and writers of books for children and adolescents recommend this kind of production.”
This author of children’s books explained: “This is not just common in our country. I have noticed the same thing existing abroad as well. They, too, are more inclined towards producing books in the form of serials.”
He went on saying: “The truth is that the taste of the audience has changed over the past few years and people of all ages are more willing to buy serial books. Therefore, publishers look for ways to please their audience.”
Hassan Beigi suggested that the attraction to serials in T.V. productions and animations is quite noticeable, and children are more interested in following their favorite cartoons in series.
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