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Islamic Mysticism and Techniques for its Promotion in the Media
 A) Knowledge of Maghaal and Haal 

What the mystic has acquired and learnt is known as 'maghaam' (circumstance) and what he has perceived directly in his heart is 'haal' (state). Before any further measures the wayfarer should learn about the 'maghaam' and the 'haal' and the characteristics of each of these. He should be aware of the difficulties of the path he is taking and understand how he will go through it. Treading such a hard path of mysticism and piety is not possible for everyone as it requires preparation. And of course the best preparation is to seek help from the Holy Quran and glamorous sayings of the Holy Clan. 

By 'haal' and 'maghaam' we mean all the stages and stations that a wayfarer should pass in order to get closer or join the Celestial Sphere. It is because of the importance of 'haal' and 'maghaam' that we have to make a clear distinction between the two.

Islamic Mysticism and Techniques for its Promotion in the Media | Page 116
      Seyyed Shahabeddin Hosseini
Publisher:  Islamic Research Center's Press
Release date:   First print; 2012
Genre:  Nonfiction
Category:  Islamic Studies, Islamic Mysticism
264 pages

Story Code : 145310
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