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The Status of Man in Saadi
Opposition of Values and Anti-values 

Saadi is the poet and teacher of morality and all readers notwithstanding their time and place are pupils of his school.
This teacher of morality praises all traits and deeds that lead mankind to the humane position and tries to encourage his readers towards doing such good deeds and acquiring good features. One the other hand, he reprimands all characteristics and deeds that distance mankind from the position of humanity that is the ultimate goal of Saadi, inviting the readers to quit them. 

Saadi is a true teacher that has mastery over teaching methods and techniques. He applies different methods for encouraging or cautioning his pupils. Sometimes he praises the 'trait' per se, and sometimes appreciates the person characterized by that. In some other occasions he explicitly calls the readers to practicing a behavior, or quite contrarily he cautions them against some deeds like a compassionate father. 

In other words, Saadi's likes and dislikes form a wide spectrum of values and anti-values. He finds values appropriate for mankind and calls their opposites as things lacking humane aspects. As stated before, in his opinion the nobility of mankind lies in their humaneness and courtesy – and not in their appearance. 

The Status of Man in Saadi's Works | Page 79

Author: Fatemeh Garivani
Publisher: Hermes
Release Date: First print; 2011 
Genre:   Nonfiction
Category:  Literary criticism, Saadi Studies
144 pages
Story Code : 145308
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