"The memorandum of articles of the National Library's specialized research center has been devised and will be practiced during the coming year," said head of the research centers of the National Library and Archives of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the ceremony held to honor best research theses and researchers of the organization.
Specialized National Library Research Center to open in 2011
IBNA: Parallel with the opening of the Research Week in Iran, a ceremony was held this morning (Saturday, December 25, 2010) at the locality of the National Library to praise the best book keeping researchers and staff. 

In his speech, Mohammad Rajabi stated that the preliminaries of establishing a becoming research hub for the organization of National Library and Documents began five months ago and its memorandum of articles has been provided through sessions held in the presence of organization's managers and officials and is hoped to be ratified in no time. 

"given the national and international status of the organization, the center is expected to be esteemed likewise by establishing close contacts with world's research centers," said Rajabi. "Through the provisions of the memorandum of articles of the center, the research deputy of the organization in bookkeeping, information, archives, Iranology and Islomology will change into the research center. Moreover, the board of trustees of the organization will comprise the minister of sciences, education minister, heads of the art and science academies, head of the research center, and two archives and scientific council experts." 

He added that the supreme council of the center will be the top decision-maker assessing researchers and research proposals. The heads of the center and research groups will also be appointed by the council. 

Rajabi further added the center is made of three research groups: bookkeeping, documents and archives, Iranology and Islamology studies. He said the center's first agenda is pursuing the organization's interests in and outside of Iran. 

Also in the ceremony, Ali Akbar Ashari, head of the National Library and Archives of the Islamic Republic of Iran, delivered a speech. "this year, besides praising the best researchers of the organization, researcher members of the library, and the best theses by university students about the library's main topics of interest were honored," he said. "Next year, the theses will be considered in four categories of archives, bookkeeping, information, Iranology and Islamology." 

He went on to say that the by-laws of the organization require it to be the custodian of books and dissemination of information about them.
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