Director of Noor Microfilm Center:

Manuscripts replication revives ancient texts

Director of Noor Microfilm Center, Dr. Mehdi Khajeh Piri, said: "Many manuscripts get destroyed in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka due to humidity. Manuscripts replication helps ancient texts to last and their duplication eases their accessibility for researchers.
Dr. Mehdi Khajeh Piri
Dr. Mehdi Khajeh Piri
IBNA: For the first time Iran hosted a "Replication print" fair of manuscripts with presenting 80 precious works. It was held today morning, Wednesday June 30, in Heritage Research Center.

The manuscripts fair holds a great importance for professors, researchers and codicology experts. The fair was house to 80 works printed by replication method.

Director of Noor Microfilm Center, Dr. Mehdi Khajeh Piri said: "Manuscripts and ancient scripts are every country's national and cultural identity. Iranian-Islamic versions including Persian or Arabic ones are scientific results of Iranian scholars and Islam and Iran's civilizational and cultural works."

He added: "Research, editing, printing and publishing them as well as the versions' facsimile is very necessary for preserving the credit of ancient works."

Moreover he went on to say that one of modern photo printing methods is Noor Microfilm Center's initiative; repairing 80 ancient vital manuscripts which were destroyed due to humidity or their inappropriate method of preservation."

Director of Noor Microfilm Center underlined: "The fair is held so we can use the experiences of veterans in the filed of repairing, re-creating and copying manuscripts."

The head of Written Heritage Research Center, Akbar Irani said: "The displayed manuscripts are a collection of replication of ancient scripts which were kept at India's libraries."

He added: "The fair was held by Delhi Noor Microfilm Center to preserve manuscripts and show the type of paper and display original versions for visitors."

He went on to say that replication of ancient Persian and Arabic Islamic and Iranian manuscripts were the center's initiative as well which was so precious that it could be nationally registered."

During the past 30 years, Mehdi Khajeh Piri is collecting pictures and microfilms of Persian and Islamic Arabic manuscripts.

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